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Handmade Doughnuts

Our story

The perfect handmade doughnut always seems to be so far away. My travels over the years with my family have brought us to some of the best doughnut shops you can imagine.

But when we’re home, it’s hard to find something quite as good. I was honestly sick of stale doughnuts with M&Ms, and purple and green dyes in the glaze.

After one of our travels, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I could do better (I was convinced I could do so much better).

I started experimenting in creating handmade doughnuts with recipes that I cooked up with ingredients I would be happy to serve my family. I succeeded with many flavors and (my kids will attest to this) failed with others.

But I kept trying and refining for awhile, and have finally mastered something that I’m ready to share with Kennett Square.

What's In A Name?

WhY Wanderlust?

Wanderlust (def): “Strong desire to travel & explore”

Wanderlust captures our passion for travelling, learning new cultures, and supporting small businesses along the way.

We also love doughnuts!

We love to visit small, unique doughnut shops along our travels to see what people are creating. Everyone has a different style to their doughnuts, but they all have passion. And when someone puts their heart and soul into a doughnut, it shows.

This passion and soul for doughnuts is what Wanderlust aims to do here in Kennett Square. We want to bring a little piece of our travels a little closer to home.

Quality Ingredients

We use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for an extra layer of quality and flavor.

Vegan Options

Vegan doughnuts? Yep, we've got many different varieties for our vegan friends.


Gluten-free has become a cornerstone of food purveyors everywhere.

All Natural

We use the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients in our recipes.

We Believe

your health and safety is Important

We carefully choose our suppliers and qualify them to ensure that they meet all food safety standards before we ever consider adding their ingredients to our recipes.

Our gluten-free doughnuts are cooked in a separate fryer from our classic doughnuts and we take careful precautions not to cross-contaminate with gluten flour. However, we are not a certified Gluten-free facility.

All-natural vegan ingredients are used, but doughnuts will be cooked in the same fryer as our classic doughnuts.


Our Customers

Love Our Doughnuts